A downloadable game for Windows

DYEB is an unconventional game, not like any other. Imagine, you're a young barrel with a barrel mom and a barrel father. One day while you were just sitting there like you would usually do, you think to yourself "I don't like living the ordinary barrel life, I think im gonna change my ways.". You fall over and start to roll away into the sunset.

Well that's the backstory for this game, go through puzzles and play the storyline. *Soon to be added.*

Updates can be found in the updates post, scroll down.

Update Ideas :


Main Menu.

Bugs :

Player gets pushed by red blocks.

Please comment bugs and any problems that you may have.

Install instructions

Download the game and extract it to your desktop, or wherever you would like to store it. then just launch the DoYouEvenBarrel.exe and make sure that it us set to the correct resolution.


DoYouEvenBarrel_V1.2.9.zip 20 MB